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Yngling European Championship 2013

Team 336 Gietema/Kuiters/Tromp


The European Yngling Championships were held from the 1st – 4th May at Fraglia Vela Riva, Lake Garda. Thirty boats from seven different nations were competing under varying conditions.    
On the first day three starts were held, however because of little winds and large shifts, only one race could be completed. As a team we had a good day and positioned ourselves in the front field within all our races. Overall we were satisfied with our boat speed during the conditions of the day.  

During the second day, again no conditions typical of Lake Garda. The race committee scheduled the first race two hours ahead of time, so as to complete at least one race in an early Northern breeze. This was a beneficial decision for us as we finished in fourth place. It was not until one o’clock when the second and third races could be started, as this Southerly wind only reached an intensity of up to 8 to 14 knots. Results for these races were second and nineteenth; due to acceleration problems at the start which resulted at being positioned at the back of the field at the first mark. We tried everything we could however our position could not be improved, hence nineteenth place.  

On the third day the conditions were perfect. Three races were held in favorable strong Southerly winds. We were eager to make up for the race the day before. Strong focus and good boat speed resulted in first position during the first and third race. A messy start during the second race resulted in ninth place. At the end of the day with a discharged nineteenth place we were just four points behind the leader of the scoreboard and twelve points ahead of number three; not an easy task, but definitely not impossible.

During the final day only one race could be completed according to the notice of race. The day started with light Southerly conditions but was building up quickly to 14 knots. The goal of the race was to stay in front of the leader and make sure there were four boats inbetween. During the start procedure attention was paid to the positioning of our direct opponents. It resulted in an average start where we noticed the leaders had messed up their start. At the first mark the odds were in our favour as six boats were inbetween at that point. Until the last mark it was exciting how close it was. Unfortunately only three boats finished inbetween us, which resulted in even points of 30, for both teams. Team 337 had one more 3rd place in their series over the week, therefore they won the championships with us in second.

Team 336: Lieuwe Gietema, Diederik Kuiters & Reinier Tromp

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