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Optimist Ireland Nationals

Report courtesy winner Harry Durcan

North DZero6 design powers the champion!

Harry Durcan, 2013 Ireland National Champion. Powered by North DZero6!
The Irish Optimist Nationals where on in Dublin this year, the venue where the Europeans are on next year. I arrived there early to train for three days before the event. It was great and I had great boat speed and I got to know the racecourse very well.

The first day I did not have a great day as it was raining, very shifty and light and lulls everywhere. I knew that the event had many more races and there would be two discards.

The wind the second day was 15 to 20 knots suiting me. I had a very consistent day with 5th, 6th and a 10th.This moved me up a lot in the results and I knew that I could do it.

The third day brought 20-25 knots and after a long postponement I was ready to go and a scored a 1st and a 3rd. I had great speed downwind to score the first going from 5th to 1st in one downwind. When I got in I saw the results and I saw I was leading by 2 points going into the last day.

So the last day came and I was really nervous but I knew I had great speed off the line with the D-Zero-6. It was windy again and we would have 3 races. The first race I nailed the pin and scored a top 10 and had the boy who was coming second behind me. The next race I had loads of speed and pointing and I went from the pin and went into speed mode and took off from the fleet scoring a top 5. I knew one more good race would see me win. I sailed with no risks used my speed to my advantage and claimed a 2nd. Then when I sailed over to my coach and he told me I had won the Irish Optimist Nationals I was the happiest person ever. Thanks to everyone from North Sails for helping me.

Congratulations Durcan! You are a champion!

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