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63rd Edition of the Ciudad de Palma

Hugo Rocha


From December 5th to the 8th, the Ciudad de Palma trophy has held in Palma de Mallorca with an entrance of 367 Optimists and 38 420s.  
In the 420 class the crew of Elias Aretz and Helenio Hoyos won using their North Sails. Aina Colon with her North Sails powered Optimist finished in 6th in the Optimist class.
More news on the event can be seen here.

420 class
1. Elias Aretz and Helenio Hoyos
2. Enric Noguera and Rafael Vallespir
3. Francisco Araña and Guillermo Lopez

1. Deike Bornemann
2. Enrique Lujan
3. Rolaz Nicolas
6. Aina Colom