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New 470 Sail Designs

North Sails

Our 470 sail design team in Japan have been working hard on developing a new main and jib for the class for the forthcoming season.

The D-5 Mainsail
The D5 has been designed using a different concept to all our previous designs in order to achieve a new performance level. The two main advantages are its pointing ability in light-medium conditions and its easy acceleration in planing conditions. This new mainsail needs precise control of the outhaul adjustment to deliver its best performance.

The S24-B4 Jib

The S5-B4 jib has been very popular among the world's top teams for a long time. So our design team have been very careful in remolding this design to make it perfect by using our latest software. The S24-B4 jib therefore has the same depth, the same base profile but is perfectly remolded with just a slight modification. The tack area has been modified, where wrinkles used to appear, it has now been made smooth and fair. Also the shape at the foot has been changed to make the air flow more effective, this change makes the position of the deck sweep a little bit outside of the original S5-B4 design.

We now have stock of these new sails so please contact us or your local North Agent if you require more information on any of our 470 designs or if you wish to make an order. You can also find details of these sails on our dedicated class page.