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J80 Spanish Championship

Hugo Rocha


From April 17th to 20th the J80 Spanish Championship was held in Santander with an entry of more than 35 boats. Amongst them were the last 5 World Champions!

'Team Peugeot' with Javier Aguado finished second using a North Sails mainsail & jib.

Jose Maria Van Der Ploeg with  'Team Great Sailing'  finished third with a new  North Mainsail and 3DL jib.

Well done!!!!

Go to our dedicated J80 class page to find out more details of the North Sails range of J80 sails.

Top 10 Results
1. Maqueché
2. Peugeot - Promoparc with N/S*
3. Great Sailing with N/S*
4. Oxital
5. Par
6. Herbalife with N/S
7. New Territories with N/S
8. Bribon - Movistar with N/S
9. Yates y Cosas
10. Delrastone with N/S
N/S* Mainsail and Jib