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We have the following used sails in stock now.

All prices are in NZ dollars.         

3DL Marathon Mainsail
Grey TF2 Luff:15.58m Foot 5.65

55 ft  Spectra Main
Made from Spectra 295TX
Luff 20.32m, Ft 6.68m
New $6,000

72 RF Genoa
Made from Spectra, RF with UV
Luff 26.2m, LP 10.2m
New $8,000

Friendship 40 Mainsail
In boom, FLB, Spectra
Luff 15.68m Leech 16.28m Foot 5.23
New $2,500

Full Batten Mainsail
Dacron, 4x FLB, Luff 8.3 Leech 8.9 Foot 3.2 2x Reefs
Used $500

RC44 G1 Headsail (two available)
3DL 100% Carbon
Luff 17.35m, Leech 16.4m, LP 6.9m
New $7,000

Cookson 50 Light Jib (three available)
Luff 19m Leech 17.95 Foot 6.15 LP 5.82
Used $500ea

Red & Blue Superkote 60   
Luff 7.62m, Foot 4.69m
New $1,000

60 Footer Storm Headsails                                                            �
1x Rescue Orange Furling Sail New (Needs Cable)  Luff 10.9 leech 7.9 Foot 4.85 LP 3.25 $500
26m ATN Snuffer

Cost of any alterations to make sail suit customers boat will be additional.  

Prices do not include GST. Subject to availability.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the above sails email us to discuss or phone 09 359 5999 FREE 09 359 5999