Are you looking for a custom high-quality flag you will proudly display on your house or boat for years to come, or are you looking for that unique one of a kind gift? Than North Flags is the company you are looking for. All of our flags are custom made to order using your specifications and design idea. We can reproduce just about any design you need, including corporate logos, trademarks, and organizational emblems. If you already have a specific design and need a quote, you can email us your design or fax it to 973-364-5298. Delivery time varies depending on the process and the quantity needed.

    We know that creating a custom flag can sometimes feel overwhelming when faced with all the different possibilities and options there are to choose from. Below we have broken it down to a 6 step process showing you visual pictures of the different options. Our customer service team is also here to help you at 1-800-473-5247. They can tell you the difference between the options and why one may work better for you than another.

    First let's get familiar with the parts of the flag.
    © North Flags
    Canton - the upper area of the flag by the flagstaff
    Field - the background color of the flag
    Fly - the part of the flag that is farthest from the flagstaff
    Hoist - the side of the flag that is nearest the flagstaff

    Now that we have familiarized ourselves with a flag, let’s get started on your flag!
    STEP ONE: What type of flag?

    Are you looking for a standard flag that flies from a flagpole or do you want a banner that can be carried in a parade? Maybe you are going to that regatta and want to fly a battle flag from the backstay or do you want a wall banner to hang behind your table at the next craft show to get the customer's attention?
    Horizontal Flag Horizontal Banner Horizontal Pennant
    © North Flags © North Flags © North Flags
    Horizontal Guidon Horizontal Swallowtail Horizontal Battle Flag
    © North Flags © North Flags © North Flags
    Vertical Flag Vertical Banner Vertical Pennant
    © North Flags © North Flags © North Flags
    Vertical Guidon Vertical Swallowtail Vertical Battle Flag
    © North Flags © North Flags © North Flags
    Wall Banner Street Banner  
    © North Flags © North Flags  

    STEP TWO: What size?

    Now this one can be tricky. The answer will depend on what type of flag and your personal opinion. For starters the most popular size for a pennant or burgee is a 12” x 18”, the most popular flag size is a 3’ x 5’. The cute little seasonal decorative flag depicting the holiday of the month hanging outside the neighbor’s house is mostly likely a 3’ x 2’.  Those street banners lining Main Street are 30” x 60”. Maybe you want a nonstandard size, guess what?! ? We can do that too; remember all the flags are made to order using your specs! Just in case you do you want the normal below are some guidelines to help you choose.
    © North Flags
    What was that?  This doesn’t help you because you want a battle flag? No Problem, we got you covered! 

    Unfortunately the length of the boat really does nothing to help us calculate the size battle flag the boat can accept. What really helps is if you know the rig dimensions (J dimension and I or E and P depending on how it will be flown) of the boat this will be flying on. That will give us the correct measurements needed to calculate exactly how large a flag could possible fly from the boat and we can go from there.
     © North Flags

    What Process?

    Appliqued, Embroidered or both?  Applique (sewn) is when the designs are laser cut then are glued and stitched onto the base using our very own state of the art sewing machines. Embroidery is when designs are embroidered directly onto the base fabric. This method is for the ultimate in look and presentation, embroidery provides the highest quality look for your flag or burgee. Both methods are used when there are a lot of details in a larger design that is first appliqued then the embroidery machine goes on top and adds in those little details that would be lost if applique alone was used.
    © North Flags
    © North Flags
    Both Applique & embroidery
    © North Flags

    What view?

    Now I know what you’re thinking of course I want it to be seen on both sides. But let’s take a moment and think about the flags you passed in your travels today. I bet once you think about it most of them are single reverse. That American Flag hanging outside the doctor’s office. From the front the blue star field is on the upper left corner but when you go in the building and turn around to make sure you locked the car doors, look at the flag now and the star field is on the upper right corner. In fact single reverse (read right on the front with the reversed mirror image on the backside) is the flag industry standard unless you request otherwise. Follow this link to an article on why your brain can read single reverse if it interests you.

    Single Reverse
    - read right on the front with the reversed mirror image on the backside
    © North Flags
    Single Sided - read right on the front with thread stitching visible on the backside
    North Flags Custom View Single Sided© North Flags
    Single Sided with Liner - read right on the front with a solid liner sewn to the back
    North Flags Custom View Single Sided with Liner© North Flags
    Inserted Seal Read Right - read right on the front with a read right seal or patch sewn over only the image on the backside)
    © North Flags

    Double Sided Read Right - Two complete flags are made and sewn back to back with a blockout liner between so the other sides “shadow” doesn’t come through
    North Flags Custom View Double Sided Read Right© North Flags

    What type of Finish?

    Again the flag industry standard in the USA is header & grommets. But don’t forget, we don’t make just the standard flag; we make everything to order following your specifications. So, that banner you want the boy scouts to carry in the Fourth of July parade you probably want a pole sleeve across the top, we can do that!!
    Header & Grommets – Standard on most flags flying from a flag pole
    © North Flags
    Wrapped Header & Grommets –Used when a flag has a border and it is important the header match the border
    © North Flags
    Hems Only – This is a good finish if you want to frame the flags
    © North Flags
    Pole Sleeve –Usually used on banners or decorative flags
    Rope Header & Thimbles – This is typically used on flags larger than 8’  x 12’ or heavier flags that will be flown in very windy conditions and need the extra strength to hang on
    © North Flags
    Reinforced Grommets in the corners – Most wall banners or that advertising banner you want to hang on the fence during the company softball games, use this type of finish
    © NOrth Flags
    Sewn Pole Sleeve – This finish is a favorite among race committees that hand out flags to each of the boats. This allows the flag to be slid over a pole but is sewn closed at the top so the pole doesn’t slide completely through.
    © North Flags
    Rope & Toggles – This is typically used in nautical applications or the standard finish on the other side of the pond in the United Kingdom.
    © North Flags
    Webbing & Loops – Mostly used for Battle flags.
    © North Flags

    Luff Tape – This is a finish for Battle flags that are being flow from boats that have a roller furling and grooved headstay system. If this is chosen we need to know what size tape the system accepts.
    © North Flags

      What Colors do you want?
    We have a wide selection of colors to choose from. When trying to match an existing flag be careful, as colors can vary from lot to lot when produced at different times. We can help you match up colors if you have a PMS number. Click HERE to see our Color Palette!