Important regatta coming up and you just checked the signal and code flag bag and can’t find some specific letters? Give us a call! While you are at it, check out our new custom made code flag ORGANIZER. It’s a neat and handy way to store and care for your regatta flags as well as easy for the race committee while on the water. We triple stitch the “Black” flag pocket closed to make it harder for the race committee to get to (hey, we don’t like the black flag either!!!).

    Full Set
    Starting Sequence Solid Flags
    Basic Match Race Set
    Complete Match Race Set
    Code Flag Size: Description:
    Size #3 Full Set*
    call 1-800-473-5247
    Size #3 Individual Flags/Pennants
    call 1-800-473-5247
    Size #3 Solid Starting Flags
    call 1-800-473-5247
    Size #3 Basic Match Race Set
    call 1-800-473-5247
    Size #3 Complete Match Race Set $702.41 call 1-800-473-5247
    Size #3 Pocketed (46) Organizer
    call 1-800-473-5247
    Size #3 = Alpha Flags 24" x 24"; Number Pennants 1 1/3' x 3'; Substitute Flags 1 1/3' x 2 2/3'. Standard Nylon storage bag included. Other sizes available call 1-800-473-5247.
    *Full Set includes 40 flags: 26 Alphabet Flags, 10 Number Pennants, 3 Substitutes and 1 Answering Pennant all in a handy nylon storage bag. Starting Sequence flags are sold separately.

    All prices are in US Dollars and not not include, shipping, tax, or duty & brokerage if applicable.