North Sails: News Details


Grand Prix Marinepool

Gaetan Aunette

For the Dragon Class


Over the last 2 weekends in Cannes, the Grand Prix Marinepool for the Dragon Class has seen 45 boats from 10 nations racing.

After 7 races had taken place in all weather conditions Philip Malt was placed first, powered by his North Sails inventory. North Sails boats also took a number of the other 10 top spots, as can seen below.

North Results
1. Philp Malt (Full North)
2. Sentorov Vassily (North main & genoa)
5. Van Cauwenbergh Ben (Full North)
7. Tavinor Tim (Full North)
9. Blanc Gérard (Full North)
10.Lindgren Jouko (Full North)

For more details on the North range of Dragon sails please see our class page or contact our Class Experts.