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F18 French Raid Championship 2013

Gaetan Aunette

In France the series of off shore Raid regattas saw North Sails taking some good results with the new Shockwave team managed by Benjamin Dutreux from Sirena, as can be seen below.

Benjamin and Emeric won the series and the title of F18 French Raid Champions for this year.


2013 Results
F18 Raid (Costarmoricaine)

2. Damien Iehl & Emeric Dary
3. Benjamin Dutreux & Joris Cocaud
F18 Raid La Tranche- Ile de Ré
1. Benjamin Dutreux & Fréderic Denis
3. Emeric Dary & Thomas Cardrin
F18 Raid du Duc d’Albe (Hyères)
2. Benjamin Dutreux & Emeric Dary  (1st French sailor)
6. Christophe Alzieu et Mikael Merki
7. Pierre Pardigon&t Pierre Rizzo
GP Armistice 2013 (Maubuisson) F18
2. Emerc Dary & Fanquiller
4. Dutreux & Planson

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