Cleaning & Protection Tips

General Care Instructions
Ensure the cover is properly fitted, do not allow it to flog and flap unnecessarily. Regularly check for wear and chafe points that may have been caused by sharp fittings and edges etc. Rinse regularly with fresh water with standard running water hose pressure to ensure that dirt, dust, tree leaves, bird droppings and salt etc. are not allowed to accumulate on and become ingrained in the fabric. Bird excrement, in particular Seagull’s, is highly acidic containing high levels of phosphoric acid. Clean with a pure soap solution and rinse with fresh water. Do not store away damp or dirty. Always clean and air dry thoroughly before prolonged storage. We would recommend a yearly health check from us to resolve any small repairs in seams and offer advise on general maintenance etc. 

Recommended Cleaning Products
Due to the nature of the HydroMax finish general rinsing with fresh water will be sufficient in keeping the WeatherMax cover clean. For more thorough cleaning we recommend the use of Holmenkol Textile Wash. This product is a special mild detergent designed specifically for the cleaning of performance textiles at low temperatures. It will not reduce the effectiveness of the HydoMax finish. Wash carefully with a warm solution of Holmenkol Textile Wash at 40 degrees centigrade. Use a sponge for general cleaning. For more stubborn stains use a very soft brush without excessive scrubbing. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and leave to air dry.

The Holmenkol Textile Wash can be purchased from us at a price of:
RRP GBP£18.33 (1 litre)
RRP GBP £12.90 (500ml)
RRP GBP£10.88 (250ml) 

General Re-proofing Instructions
It can be as beneficial to give a new cover a light protection as rejuvenating an old one. We feel it is important to use a re proofing product that does not affect the original technical characteristics of the cover and awning fabric. It is essential that a fabric that is designed to offer excellent breathability is not re proofed with a "waterproof coating" thus negating all the original benefits of the fabric. We recommend using PowerImpregnation which brings nano technology to woven fabric cover materials. It is specifically designed to compliment a fabrics technical characteristics. The application of PowerImpregnation transforms any woven cover fabric into a water repellent, soil, oil and dirt resistant surface, with enhanced UV protection. Importantly, nano technology achieves this without affecting the breathability of the fabric. PowerImpregnation has been specifically formulated to protect against the rigours of a harsh marine environment.

RRP GBP £18.33

Ensure that your cover is clean and dry before re proofing. Shake can and spray evenly over the entire surface, paying particular attention to seams, stitching and edges. Allow to dry completely. Do not saturate the material completely with PowerImpreganation. Just coat the outer surface lightly. Two thin coats are much better than one thick coat.

Please visit Contender for further details on Holmenkol products.