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Mainsail (3D-N)

This sail has a modest luff curve and is relatively flat. This makes it easy to trim and very little permanent backstay adjustment is required. The 11:metre is an ULDB and does not need powerful sails. You can trim a flatter main tighter, and then sail higher in light airs. In heavy wind conditions a flatter main creates less heeling force which gives you better acceleration in the gusts.

  • 3DL Regatta+ Aramid Construction.
  • Class Insignia.

Jib (3D-C)

This sail is durable to resist a wind range up to 26 knots true. You trim the sail by changing the headstay and sheet tension. The extraordinary shape holding properties in the sail requires very little trimming with halyard and lead position. This gives the crew more time to put emphasis on tactics and strategies.

  • 3DL Regatta+ Aramid Construction.

Spinnaker (C-98D)

The 11:metre is a modern light displacement boat that is subject to a large variation in downwind speeds. The design of the spinnaker means it has the stability to withstand the most extreme variations in the angle of attack. In light airs the gybing angles are close to 90 degrees with an apparent wind angle of 90-100 degrees. This type of sailing demands a flatter sail than sailing downwind in 15 kn of true wind, where you need a powerful sail. Steering the boat in surfing conditions affects the angle of attack which can change some 40 degrees very rapidly. The design of the C-98D spinnaker takes all those different aspects into account. The type of material means the sail stays virtually dry even after the most spectacular broach or dragging session.

  • Dynalite Construction (silicon coated .75oz nylon.)

Sail Numbers & Letters

300mm (15”) Sail Letters & Numbers
Price (Ex VAT & Delivery)
Euro € 2.30 each

Please contact your local North Loft or Agent to make your order or for further details.

Contact the 11m Experts:
Bjorn Osterberg
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