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The following sails are our current recommended range. Older models not listed below are still available upon request.

North Sails were given an invitation by Paddy Dillon to make some sails for the Mermaid class.  North Sails had made sails for the Mermaid in the past but that was a really long time ago, in another lifetime.  In 2007 we took inspiration from many of the traditional classes we produce sails for currently and came up with the designs that Paddy is using today.  Some minor modifications were made from the first to the second suit but due to the sail restrictions in the class, development can be quite slow.  We were delighted when we got the call from Paddy this summer to say he had just won the Mermaid National Championships, great work and a nice start for North Sails in this class.

Main (MM-2)

Due to the sail restrictions and the nature of the boat the mainsail needs to cover a multitude of water conditions and wind speed.  By careful adjustment of the outhaul, cunningham and mainsheet the MM-2 Mainsail has proven to be a great all round sail. It is manufactured from Contender 4.46PK.

Mainsail standard features:

  • Tell Tails
  • Battens
  • Vision Windows
  • Slides
  • Roll bag
  • Class Insignia
  • Sail numbers

For prices and more information contact our Mermaid Experts or your

Jib (MJ-1)

Like the mainsail the MJ-1 Jib has to perform a multiple roll to get the best out of the boat in all conditions. It is manufactured from Contender 4.46PK.

Jib standard features:

  • Tell tails
  • Vision Window
  • Luff Wire
  • Long Roll bag

For prices and more information contact our Mermaid Experts or your

Spinnaker (MS-1)

Stability and ease of trim are two of the key fundamentals we are looking for in a fast spinnaker.  Since day one the MS-1 spinnaker has been powering Paddy to the front of the fleet on the off wind legs. This sail repels water and remains light and fast no matter how bad the conditions get. It comes in a choice of solid colors and is a must for anyone looking to go fast down wind in 2010. It is manufactured from Superkote 75.

Spinnaker standard features:

  • Draw String bag.
  • Colour coded tapes.
  • Stock colours

For prices and more information contact our Mermaid Experts or your

Sail Numbers & Letters

300mm (12”) Sail Letters & Numbers

Please contact your local North Loft or Agent to make your order or for further details.

Contact the Mermaid Experts:
Nigel Young
+353 872514434 Mobile
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