Beneteau First Class 36.7

North Sails representatives from around the world have pooled their knowledge to develop fast sails and tuning settings for the Beneteau 36.7.

Due to the true dual-purpose nature of the boat, North American clients are racing with both the Tuff Luff headstay and Harken furling headstay systems. Since the headstay length is not easily adjusted with the Harken headstay, we have developed two different tuning methods for the different systems. With the Tuff Luff system, we rely more on adjusting the headstay for the various wind conditions, while the Harken headstay systems require greater adjustment of the side shrouds.


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For the Roller Furling headstay Tuning Matrix CLICK HERE.
For the Tuff Luff headstay Tuning Matrix CLICK HERE.

Good luck on the water!

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