Farr 30

Base Settings

Headstay Pin to Pin Measurement:12140 mm
Rake: Swing Arc - Use Centerline halyard pulled down to top of black band - pull forward to mark headstay.
Mark on headstay down to headstay pin:1820 mm
Cap Shroud Tension:#37-38 on RT 10
Rod Loos Gauge
D1 Tension:#14-15 on PT2 Wire
Loos Gauge
D2 Tension#7 on PT2
Wire Loos Gauge
J Dimension (see A on diagram below):3315 mm
Mast Base - (Distance from forward
headstay bolt to front of mast, see B on diagram below):
3480 mm
Distance Mast Foot to Fore Bulkhead (see C on diagram below):1140 mm
Pre-Bend:70 mm
[mi:491 a=l p=s mw=580]


Sail Models:

Mainsail Light Jib Medium Jib Heavy Jib
NIMC-08 NIL-08 NIM-08 NIH-08

Masthead 30g Masthead 40g Fractional 40g Masthead A-Sail 30g
MHL-08 MHH-08 FS-08 MHA-08
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Quick Adjustments (full turns from base setting)
True Wind Speed:Sail Selection:Headstay:Cap Shrouds:D1s:D2s:
Really Light (<5k)NIL-08-8 -1-1Base
Light (6-8k)NIL-08-4-1-1Base
Medium (9-10k)NIM-080BaseBaseBase
Medium (11-12k)NIM-08+4BaseBaseBase
Medium (13-15k)NIM-08+8BaseBaseBase
Medium (16-18k)NIM-08+10+1+1Base
Heavy (19-21k)NIH-08+12+1+1Base
Heavy (>22K)NIH-08+15+2+2Base

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