Tuning your J/22 for Speed

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J/22 FAQs:

What are some of the best ways to de-power the J/22?

There are, of course, many ways to de-power a J/22. While many use the traveler, I have found that leaving it centered and pulling the vang very hard is more effective for me. At max vang tension in big breeze, we'll even see 3" of bend in the boom! This tension allows the mainsheet to be played quickly as a traveler...maintaining constant helm balance. The outhaul and cunningham are of course, pulled hard with the shelf closed up and the luff wrinkles barely removed...

The jib lead should only be moved aft no more than 2" and the sheet eased to keep the slot open. As the puff hits it would not be unusual for the sheet to be eased a foot ( and then re-trimmed after the boat was under control) to allow the boat to carve up into the wind. It's also important that the luff tension via the jib halyard be kept smooth as well. And of course, hike hard!

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