The recent explosion in SuperYachts has, in part, been fueled by sail technology developed by North Sails. As pioneers in lightweight, low-stretch sail fabrics and 3-dimensionally molded sail technology, we have applied our unique technology and expertise to making big-boat sails that are significantly lighter, stronger and more durable. The result... large yachts that are as responsive and manageable as boats half their size. Big boats previously built for luxury, comfort and prestige now perform.
We have worked very cloasely with Southern Spars and J/Boats to develop a set of sails that will deliver top performance, ease of use and longevity. Using the North Design Suite (NDS) we have modeled and flown the sails on a loaded sail plan to simulate actual sailing conditions. By running iteration after iteration we have been able to fine-tune the design of these sails.




"The new generation superyachts are much bigger, stronger and faster than they were 10 years ago. Modern materials have allowed these boats to be what they are today. High performance sails are a big factor in the overall sailing experience that these mammoth boats now deliver. Whether racing or cruising, the effect of good sails on any big boat is enormous."
Jens Christensen, North Sails Superyacht coordinator



NORTH DESIGN SERVICES makes powerful modeling and design tools used by Americas Cup and Volvo Ocean Race campaigns available to the sailing industry and yacht owners worldwide. NDS specialists work directly with yacht designers, project managers, boatbuilders, sparmakers and riggers to test and optimize virtually any part of any sailboat in any sailing many cases before a boat is even built. Analysis can range from determining load ratings for specific winches to complex relationships of yacht balance, target speed, wind angle, sea state, rig loads, sail shapes, ratings and more.




North Sails has facilities dedicated to Superyacht Sail Care. These locations are equipped with expert sailmakers, specialized machines, and floor space to accommodate Superyacht-sized sails.