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Crew Bag 70L


Durable, lightweight and easy to pack. Our 70L duffle style Crew Bag is constructed in a durable waterproof fabric, padded straps and heavy-duty zips. 100% recyclable at end of life.

The model is 185cm high and wears an M

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Garments intended to protect the wearer from the harshest conditions: waterproof fabrics, seams, zippers, pockets and closures constructed in order to prevent water from entering the garment and to protect the wearer from the elements. Secure cuff-closures, storm-flaps over zippers, protected pockets and adjustable hoods provide additional waterproofing protection.

Wind Resistance

Garment is constructed with a material that is impervious to wind and helps to prevent heat loss by maintaining the body’s warmth inside the garment.

Closed Loop

We are the first sailing brand to use the Closed loop design. A circular method of design and production (produce, use, recycle back into production) opposed to traditional design which is linear (produce, use, dispose). All our polyester clothing can be returned and will be recycled into yarn for the manufacture of new fabrics – look for the Closed Loop mark on North Sails Performance products.


Our fast-dry fabric products are the perfect allies for sailors. With their ability to dry quickly, they offer comfort while racing or cruising, keeping the skin cool and dry even in rough sea conditions. The ideal choice for sailing enthusiasts looking for reliable performance and long-lasting comfort.