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Race SoftShell+™ Hoody


The Race SoftShell+™ Hoody is the ultimate sailing hoody. Highly versatile, lightweight, breathable and water-repellent. Aligned to the North Sails Closed Loop commitment.

The model is 185cm high and wears an M

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Breathable garments are air permeable. This benefit is most useful during physical activity, when there is an increase in body heat inside the garment. The breathability of the fabric allows moisture vapor transfer (MVT) or the capacity for warm.

Wind Resistance

Garment is constructed with a material that is impervious to wind and helps to prevent heat loss by maintaining the body’s warmth inside the garment.

Closed Loop

We are the first sailing brand to use the Closed loop design. A circular method of design and production (produce, use, recycle back into production) opposed to traditional design which is linear (produce, use, dispose). All our polyester clothing can be returned and will be recycled into yarn for the manufacture of new fabrics – look for the Closed Loop mark on North Sails Performance products.

Softshell Plus

The North’s SoftShell+ is made from a threelayer laminate. It starts with a knitted face with a DWR finish. The next layer is a membrane that makes the garment breathable and waterproof, while the inner face is a patterned microfleece designed to reduce weight and water absorption, increase loft and air entrapment for extra warmth. It is lightweight, soft to the touch and comfortable to wear.