North Sails Helix J-Zero 3Di RAW Black


The Helix J-Zero is a specialist free-flying jib engineered to be as close as possible to an upwind sail. This sail, flown off a bowsprit and sheeted to a jib track, is optimized for the tightest angles.


3Di RAW Minimum Weight. Maximum Speed

color: Black
North Sails
  • 3Di RAW

    High-performance race sails beat the competition black and blue

  • 3D

    Molded Sail Shape

  • 0% Film

    High-resolution sail structure

3Di RAW Minimum Weight. Maximum Speed
3Di RAW is the sail technology choice of champions. These high-performance race sails are the lightest weight, lowest stretch, and most highly engineered sails on the planet. If you're buying sails exclusively for racing, go RAW.