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High Performance Profile

Square Top Mainsails, our most advanced model, dominate Grand Prix racing worldwide. The square top profile provides highly efficient progressive twist, reduced mast tip vortex and optimized sail area distribution. North designers precisely balance sail camber with head width while accounting for specific mast bend characteristics and target sailing conditions. All sail elements work together, including membrane modulus, batten stiffness, and batten configuration – resulting in finely controlled airfoil performance


3Di RAW Minimum Weight. Maximum Speed 3Di ENDURANCE Engineered to Last. Designed for Fast. NPL SPORT Highest Performance Laminate Race Sailcloth NPC RADIAN Woven Radial Revolution

color: White
Standard features
  • Rule Optimized Roach Profile
  • Optimized Gaff Batten Angle
  • 1 or more Full Length Battens
  • RBS E-Glass Tapered Battens*
  • Exclusive Tie in Batten Adjusters
  • Hard Braid Luff Rope
  • Cunningham
  • Adjustable Leech and Foot Cords
  • Loose Foot with Integral Foot Shelf
  • Exclusive Teardrop Corner Reinforcements
  • Stainless Steel Rings
  • Racing Trim Stripes
  • Nylon Twist (Leech) Telltales
  • Yarn Flow (Horizontal) Telltales
  • Class Insignia
  • Sail Numbers and Country Code
  • Certified Measurement
  • Drawstring Sail Bag
Optional features
  • Reef Points
  • Carbon Battens
  • Simple Luff Slides
  • Custom Luff & Batten Car Systems
  • Overhead Leech Cord
  • Spreader Tip Patches
  • Custom Graphics
North Sails

    Woven Radial Revolution

  • #1

    Radian is the world’s best woven Dacron sailcloth

  • Meet Your Match

    Available in seven cloth weights

North Sails

    The highest performance small boat and one design keelboat laminate sailcloth in the marketplace

  • eXact™

    Proprietary x-scrim reinforcement adds strength with minimal weight

  • 97%

    Made with recycled polyester film

North Sails

    Durable performance x-over sails for competition and cruising

  • 3D

    Molded Sail Shape

  • 0% Film

    Eliminates the risk of delamination

North Sails
  • 3Di RAW

    High-performance race sails beat the competition black and blue

  • 3D

    Molded Sail Shape

  • 0% Film

    High-resolution sail structure

NPC RADIAN Woven Radial Revolution
NPL SPORT Highest Performance Laminate Race Sailcloth
3Di ENDURANCE Engineered to Last. Designed for Fast.
3Di RAW Minimum Weight. Maximum Speed
Patented NPC RADIAN warp-oriented sailcloth is a unique non-laminated polyester material suitable for radial panel construction. Uncrimped warp yarns are interwoven with specially shaped fill yarns, allowing a more sophisticated radial panel construction than a traditional cross-cut layout. With NPC RADIAN, sailors enjoy lower stretch radial performance without films and glues.
NPL SPORT is woven by North Sails, and it’s the market’s highest performance 2D laminate race sailcloth. A proprietary polyester resin system resists heat, water, and UV at a level unmatched by any string sail. Sails cut from NPL are significantly stronger, lower stretch, and lighter than competitor brands.
3Di ENDURANCE is the most rugged high-performance sail technology. These sails are around the world tested for longevity and reliability. Many 3Di Endurance sails have logged the equivalent of more than two circumnavigations and are still in service. If you’re buying sails for adventure racing or bluewater cruising, choose Endurance.
3Di RAW is the sail technology choice of champions. These high-performance race sails are the lightest weight, lowest stretch, and most highly engineered sails on the planet. If you're buying sails exclusively for racing, go RAW.