North Sails A1 Asymmetric Spinnaker NPC DOWNWIND Custom Color


Light-Air Reacher

North’s powerful Racing Asymmetrics are the evolutionary descendants of our dominant America’s Cup and Volvo Ocean Race designs. They have been developed using the University of Auckland Twisted Flow Wind Tunnel and the North Sails Virtual Wind Tunnel™ downwind flow simulation software. The result is a stable asymmetric spinnaker that delivers increased drive and reduced drag over a broader wind spectrum, which is especially important for today’s generation of lighter, faster-accelerating boats. North Racing Asymmetrics are offered in six different wind range models, each with a targeted selection of high performance downwind materials to precisely match your boat and type of racing.


NPC DOWNWIND Maximum Downwind Performance NPL DOWNWIND Stronger, firmer reaching sails for point to point performance

color: Custom Color
Standard features
  • Computer molded using North proprietary software
  • TrueRadial™ construction
  • every seam is shaped
  • Color choices available for nylon spinnaker fabrics
  • Stainless steel corner rings with strap reinforcement
  • Adjustable Dyneema leech
  • luff and foot cords
  • Sail Numbers
  • Country Code
  • Certified Measurement
  • North Spinnaker Box Sail Bag
  • Custom Colors
Optional features
  • Multiple weight panel constructions
  • Integral Clew Strop
  • Retriever Patch
  • Gybulator Lazy Sheet Keeper
  • Anti Torsion Furling Luff Rope
  • Trim Chevrons
  • SailKote Plus
  • Custom North Sails Graphics
North Sails

    Maximum Downwind Performance

  • Dual-Purpose

    Suited to dual racing and cruising use

  • 7

    Wide range of cloth styles and weights available

North Sails

    Reaching High Speed Performance

  • eXact™

    Proprietary x-scrim reinforcement adds strength with minimal weight

  • 97%

    Made with recycled polyester film

NPC DOWNWIND Maximum Downwind Performance
NPL DOWNWIND Stronger, firmer reaching sails for point to point performance
North Sails offers a wide variety of downwind symmetric and asymmetric sail types made using the NPC DOWNWIND sailcloth range. Each of our sail types is designed for a specific range of wind speeds and angles. Every North spinnaker is custom designed to suit each customer’s needs and maximize VMG/VMC in the broadest range of wind and sea conditions. NPC DOWNWIND sails provide higher boatspeeds, deeper angles, and faster acceleration with consistent and predictable trimming characteristics.
Modern asymmetric reaching sails require low stretch, lightweight, and highly durable materials. NPL DOWNWIND sails meet these requirements because they’re cut from purpose-built materials produced on the North Cloth laminator. North Sails offers multiple constructions to optimally address the wide range of conditions encountered by reaching sails – for inshore, offshore, monohull, multihull, racing, or cruising.