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  • Men
  • Spring / Summer

Half-zip sweatshirt

SKU: 451018_000_0277_M


Half-zip sweatshirt from the North Sails x Maserati collection, crafted from 100% recycled polyester with a water-resistant treatment.


Water resistant

"Water-resistant" describes the fabric’s ability to provide protection in wet weather. A water-resistant fabric uses a DWR coating or a dense weave to prevent saturation of a garment’s outer layer. Water-resistant fabrics shed or repel water; however, they are not entirely waterproof.


Breathable garments are air permeable. This benefit is most useful during physical activity, when there is an increase in body heat inside the garment. The breathability of the fabric allows moisture vapor transfer (MVT) or the capacity for warm.

Wind Resistance

Garment is constructed with a material that is impervious to wind and helps to prevent heat loss by maintaining the body’s warmth inside the garment.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton refers to naturally cultivated cotton without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals. Organic farming not only avoids pesticides and thus their associated impacts, but it also uses water efficiently, restores and maintains soil health, and promotes high social and working standards for farmers. At North Sails, we only employ organic cotton from certified sources in order to contribute to the safeguard of the environment.