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North Sails 3Di RACE takes patented technology tested by the most competitive sailing programs in the world and translates them into your everyday race solution. 3Di RACE is engineered and designed specifically for boats up to 40’. Proven performance, durability, and value packed into a single sail. Call a sales representative today. Go North. Go Beyond.

Why is 3Di RACE different?
RACE is attainable performance. With a unique, specialized layout, 3Di RACE sails will deliver optimized performance through wide wind ranges. Without surface tapes, RACE boasts an impressive strength to weight ratio – offering you a lightweight sail that has the capacity to perform, and the flexibly for you to trim, handle, fill, and flake it with confidence.

RACE takes our celebrated 3Di technology, tested by the most competitive sailing programs in the world, and translates them into an everyday race solution. Proven performance, durability and value packed into a single sail.

– Ken Read, President, North Sails

In a general sense these sails are extremely adjustable and are able to power up and de-power through the range, thus their shape holding and performance through the range is tremendous.

– JB Braun, Aero Design, North Sails

Sail Scans show the impressive shape holding ability of 3Di RACE, especially as wind pressure increases. In 7 knots of wind a 3Di RACE sail will look similar to a comparable string sail. When the wind picks up and put some load on the sail structure (10-12 knots) you will see a significant difference between a “string” sail and a 3Di Race sail structure. You will easily see a delta in cord depth by up to 2% and up 5% in draft location with the 3Di Race sail holding its sail shape over a wider range.

– Per Andersson, Head of Design, North Sails

Gone are the days of throwaway plastic sails that break down far too quickly. 3Di RACE will substantially outlast any string sail and will give racers much more time on the water with optimized performance. The dedicated RACE tape layout makes this sail user-friendly, lighter, low-stretch and more forgiving to trim and tune. As the segment leader for Club Race, I’m confident introducing 3Di RACE is a big step in changing customers’ perception that 3Di technology is out of reach for everyday sailors.

– Sam Richmond, Club Race Segment Leader, North Sails

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