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Eivind Melleby and Joshua Revkin take the win at the Star Worlds

The 2017 Star World Championships took place in Troense, Denmark last week with 70 boats entered into the regatta.

Star World Championships Podium

Day 1 started with 15-20 knots, which the race officer Thomas Jørgensen described as ‘perfect Star conditions’. The wind, however, picked up throughout the day to 25 knots which proved too windy for some of the competitors, with several boat breakages due to the wind. With more wind forecasted for day 2, racing was abandoned for the day to keep the sailors and their equipment safe onshore.

Coming into day 3 there were strong winds again. Racing was again postponed for the day for a couple of hours, allowing the wind to drop down to manageable conditions which meant the second race of the series could take place. Day 4 the wind settled down to 15-20 knots allowing the race committee to fit 2 more races into the series.

The morning of the final day of racing, there was little wind in the harbor, meaning racing was again postponed, however as the day went on the wind filled into 8-9 knots fitting in the final race of the series in comfortable sailing conditions.

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