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Mai 29, 2019


The Perfect Match For The MF-2 Fisher Mainsail

New Lightning RJF Radial Jib | North Sails

For years the question of “what’s new” for Lightning sails has been answered as “not much”. Today there is a new answer.

Following the heels of the success of the V17 Radial jib, the North Sails Lightning team has developed a new radial jib that sets and trims to match with the MF-2 (Fisher) mainsail. After extending testing, we are excited to introduce the RJF Radial Lightning jib.

North Lightning expert Brian Hayes explains about the new sail, its development process and the success it has had on the race course:

“We had been working on radial panel layouts on several of our designs for a few years. Ched Proctor went through several test runs as we developed the successful V17 that is designed to match up with the M-5 main tuning system. We had been pushing for a “radial” layout for the MF-2 setup as well with the goal of developing a sail with similar shape as the JF-2 jib, using a radial construction to maximize the ability for the sail to hold its designed shape, for ultimate durability.”

The orientation of the cloth panels is a big deal in Dacron sails. Getting the shapes to do what we wanted takes time and extensive testing. “I’m really pleased with how the sail flies and the boat speed has been really good.”

The goal was to develop a jib with similar shape as the JF-2, using a radial construction to maximize the ability for the sail to hold its designed shape, for ultimate durability.

When final RJF version was completed (October 2018) Brian took it to the Charleston Wild Oyster, snapped it on Steve Davis’ boat and they won the event. “We still wanted to look at it some more at the Kings Day Regatta. I convinced Ched to use it with an MF-2 mainsail (I know… gasp!) and he won that event as well. A couple of clients noticed the sail and asked if they could buy it to try. In that short period of time those teams reported two second place finishes in two regattas. We felt confident the RJF jib was fast.”

Brian Hayes is heading to the World Championship in Espoo, Finland sailing with Steve Davis and Laura Jeffers. Then they head to the North Americans in Buffalo in August. They will have a new RJF jib in their inventory. “We are hoping we have as much luck as we did in Charleston” said Brian.

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