Technische Ressourcen

Was unterscheidet ein hervorragendes von einem durchschnittlichen Segel? Wenn der Moment gekommen ist, spüren Sie es sofort. Es ist genau der Augenblick, in dem Sie das Ruder loslassen und Ihre… Read More

North Sails is proud of our many successes on the racecourse, but did you know that more cruising sailors rely on North than any other sailmaker? At North Sails, we… Read More

Cruising sailors demand durability. Yet, durability is not an easily quantified element of sail performance. Predicting durability is a tough challenge, because sails are subjected to so many different forms… Read More

When a wing (like a sail or a keel or centerboard) produces lift, an accompanying drag force is generated called induced drag. This is related to pressure that is lost… Read More

Modern sailcloth begins life as industrial fiber and film. Some of these products are well known to sailors by a specific supplier’s brand name; but in many cases the material… Read More

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