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Flavia Tomiselli

As a project manager I worked for a few years in the carbon mast construction, collaborating with Future Fibres and Southern Spars in Valencia and Denmark. In 2015 I moved to Palma de Mallorca to work for Doyle Palma where, in 2018, North Sails acquired the loft and offered me a position as a Sail Designer. Today I work as a sail designer for North Sails and I’m specialized in Super Yachts.

As a sailor it’s obviously interesting to understand how to create and optimize the „engine“ of the boat and I couldn’t wish for a better company to learn from. There is so much knowledge within the group.

After spending a few months in the UK learning the programs, I started collaborating with Heine Sørensen who has been my mentor ever since. He is a great teacher and very passionate about the job. He is able to turn any problem inside out and can easily explain complicated concepts. I love discussing and reviewing projects together, I’m still learning something new from everyone on the team. With his help we’ve delivered some big projects during the last few years. I’m very proud of my first superyacht new build project – a full 3di set of sails for the Hoek 128 K2.

Lately we’ve been working on the Swan 115 Jasi. We did a new 3Di main and two kites for the last St Tropez regatta and we are working on some more for the 2022 season. My first big responsibility as project manager when working for Southern Spars was the mast of another Swan 115 so I like the idea of designing the sail for a twin boat. I like crossing paths with boats along the years, it makes me appreciate the work done until now and the growing experience. 

About that I’m also just now working on a set of sails for the SWS100 Farewell, a beautiful boat that I used to look at in admirations in Rome when I was a kid. I look forward to seeing them in the water!


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