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Portuguese Costa brothers win

Last week the 420 Championship was held in San Remo, Italy, with the attendance of 262 boats from 23 countries. In the Open class, Portuguese brothers Diogo and Pedro Costa won the Championship using a full inventory of North Sails.
Besides the Open class, North Sails achieved outstanding results in other classes taking first in the U17 category with the Greek sailors Athanasopoulos Yogo and Dimitris Tassion, and second position in the Ladies class with the Spanish sailors Maria Bover and Clara Llabrés. All of them used North Sails full inventories during the regatta.

Congratulations to all and we wish you good luck in the next international event – the European Championship in Hungry.

420 Open
1. Costa/ Costa
2. Rogers/ Parkin
3. Gourgiotis / Batsis

420 Ladies
1. Russo Cririllo / Linussi
2. Maria Bover/ Clara Llabrés
3. Marchesini / Fedel

1. Telis Athanasopoulos Yogo / Dimitris Tassios
2. Eduard Ferrer / Carlos De Maqua
3. Enzo Balanger / Gaultier Tallieu

For more information about the Championship see the event website.