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Congratulations to North Sails Melges 32 clients for sailing exceptionally well in the European circuit.

North Sails powered every overall podium position in the 2016 Sailing Series®. The fourth and final act in the Series also served as the Melges 32 Europeans, with North outfitting the top three boats.

2016 Sailing Series Results

1. Richard Goransson – Inga From Sweden
2. Matteo Balestrero – Giogi
3. Vincenzo Onorato – Mascalzone Latino

2016 European Championship Results

1. Vincenzo Onorato/Cameron Appleton – Mascalzone Latino
2. Matteo Balestrero/Andrea Casale – Giogi
3. Richard Goransson/Vasco Vascotto – Inga From Sweden

The North Sails class leaders for the Melges 32 are Cameron Appleton, Daniele Cassinari, Chris Larson and Federico Michetti. Class leaders are committed to increasing performance through sail design and tuning. Feel free to reach out to them if you have questions on the recent Melges 32 results or the North Sails Melges 32 sail inventory.

Inga From Sweden – Federico Michetti, Giovanni Cassinari, Marco Capitani
Giogi – Andrea Casale, Danielle Cassinari
Mascalsone Latino – Cameron Appleton

3Di RAW™ was the sail of choice for all winning teams. The recent Melges 32 results are another testament that RAW’s speed without compromise is the choice of champions.

Next up for the Melges 32 class is the US Nationals in August followed by the Worlds in September.