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In eight races, Christian Plump and his team on Elena Nova posted only one score out of the top two at the Rolex Swan 45 Worlds—so he won his new watch by eleven points. This consistency was especially impressive in the ever-changing conditions found off Porto Cervo, Italy, where seven countries were represented by the sixteen boat fleet.

1. What conditions did you encounter at this event and how prepared were you and your team?
We encountered wind from 8-32 kts with substantial shifts. We adapted to the changing wind conditions by adjusting the rig and sail trim accordingly. As our team is racing many years with the same set-up, we have a good routine in boat handling and communication.

2. What was the biggest contributor to your success in winning this regatta?
There is not only one contributor to success. Teamwork, sail trim, tactical and navigational decisions, concentrated helming and new North Sails designs were all very important.

3. What was the most important part about your boat set up?
Our boat was prepared to adjust for light air and strong winds as we expected both in Porto Cervo. The rig and trim worked well with our new North sails. Also the boat had no breakdowns of sails or mechanics.

4. Can you give us three things that you and your team did during the event to be “in the groove”?

  • Working constantly on boat speed
  • Focusing on crew weight management
  • Using tactically all wind shifts

5. As the skipper, can you tell us how you communicated with your crew during each race?
We constantly communicated on the changing environment of wind and waves and adjusted sail trim and heel angle accordingly.

6. What was the most important part of each race?
Launching off the start in good position to be first at the windward mark.

7. Which leg of the race did you find you had the best boat speed, boat handling, and tactics?
In race number seven, with 30 knots on the downwind course, nailing the jibes.

8. When is the next time you will sail with your team?
Our next sailing event will be Palma Vela 2017.

10. If you could choose, where would you have the Swan 45 Worlds next year?
We would prefer to have the Worlds in Palma in September/October 2017.

11.What was your favorite moment of the regatta?
Passing the finish line in the last race and winning the Worlds. This is the third time we won a World Championship: in 2007 we won the IMS Worlds, in 2010 the ORC Worlds, and now in 2016 the Swan 45 One Design. It is important to us not only to win performance-rated races under ORC but also in One Design.