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August 29, 2018


Udo Pfluger talks about his North Sails and why he uses them on his Nordic Folkboat

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Tell us about your boat, where you sail and the type of sailing you do

Our boat is the standard hull from Folkeboat Centrale, but everything else is made by Robert Hansen in 1983. I am sailing in Hellerup Sejlklub, north of Copenhagen, but the boat is placed in Kerteminde on Funen, first of all because all the best Folkboat sailors have their boat there, the other reason is that my crew Erik and Alex live nearby. I mostly sail three person keelboats like the Folkboat, Dragon and Knarr. I sail every week during the summer evening races in the different classes and race weekends as often as possible.

Tell us about the sails you use

We use the standard LM-5A mainsail , which is the most all-round mainsail on the market. We use both the FL-5 and the FL-5-L jibs. With these three sails we are very close to the perfect setup. With the ‘John Mast’ we have on our boat, we use the light jib in light wind and the all-round jib in the rest of the wind scale.

Why did you decide to use North Sails?

My experience with North Sails goes far back, so I know all the guys at North Sails and they know me. It is very important that we listen to each other, so the sails are improved all the time. The guys at North Sails also helps with other things than sails. They are very good sailors and have been very helpful with trim, tactics and practice tips, they are always ready to help you.

North Sails always provide very good craftsmanship and they take good care of their brand, that means first of all we get sails with very similar quality and shape.

Why is North Sails important to your sailing and how we can help other sailors like you?

North Sails have been active in supporting trim-clinics in Sweden, Germany, Finland and Denmark for many years, it is a very important part of the job when you are the leading brand in the class. It is a must to keep on supporting local fleets, so they can improve and get better by having the best sailors in the class as coaches.

If you want to get some of this advice from the North Sails team, contact an expert today!

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