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North Sails NEWS

May 29, 2019


What Defines A Quality Product?

cruising sail quality

North Sails stands behind our products. When you buy a North Cruising Sail, you can expect quality.

North Sails will fit your boat

This means all of the two dimensional aspects of the sail (luff, leech, foot length, clew height and attachment offsets) will be right. If for some reason the sail does not fit the boat as designed or per the specifications, North will fix the sail at no cost to the customer within the first year of sail ownership.

North Sails will have the correct shape

North Sails uses an extensive library of 3D shapes based upon wind speed and angles, yacht displacement and performance criteria. North has the right tools and technology to effectuate a proper sail shape. If for some reason the sail does not have the designed shape, North will fix the sail at no cost to the customer within the first year of sail ownership.

North Sails will function correctly

The sail will go up and down, furl in and out and work as designed. Battens, luff slides, hardware and compatibility with reefing systems should all function properly. If for some reason the sail does not function as designed, North will fix the sail at no cost to the customer within the first year of sail ownership.

North Sails will take pride in our workmanship

Seaming, stitching, hand sewing, installing grommets, rings and attaching hardware are a big part of the overall quality of any sail. North Sails employs many of the industries’ best sailmakers, utilizes high quality equipment, and maintains high production standards. In the rare case that North Sails provides a product that does not meet its’ high standards, North will fix the sail at no cost to the customer
within the first year of sail ownership.

North Sails will use the best materials

Sailcloth, tapes, webbings, thread, stainless steel rings, battens, ropes, cleats and hardware are all essential parts of your sail. North Sails sources and manufactures high- quality components. If for some reason any materials are flawed, North will fix the sail at no cost to the customer within the first year of sail ownership.

North Sails will be strong and durable

North Cruising Sails are designed for the rigors of intensive and extended use. Breaking strength, flex, UV and chafe resistance are all key components of cruising sail durability. If your sail material breaks down prematurely, North will fix or replace it at a cost based upon the age and use of the sail. Although we know and expect our cruising sails will last much longer, the material guarantee from the date of delivery is: 5 years for North Panel Cloth Coastal and Radian sails, 4 Years for North Panel Laminate Tour sails, 4 Years for 3Di Nordac sails and 3 years for 3Di Endurance Sails.

A few important comments regarding North’s cruising sails

When you buy a North Cruising Sail, a North Sails representative will measure your boat. This is part of the service you pay for with a North Sail. If North cannot measure your boat (for instance it is located too far form a sales or service center) or does not have a verified source of information, North cannot always ensure the correct, fit, form or function of the sail. But of course, North is always ready and willing to assist its’ clients if there are any problems.

Is the sail shape not what you expected? We have a great tool for that. Any shape related questions or concerns can be addressed using our Advanced Sail Analyzer software. This is the best way to objectively validate the three dimensional shape of a sail.

Small bumps, wrinkles and leech hooking are still part of the characteristics of any sail. While North Sails makes perhaps the smoothest sails in the world, it cannot guarantee perfect smoothness across the entire sail. But don’t worry, most big wrinkles in sails are the result of things like batten tension or stiffness, improper fit or hardware attachments. North will endeavor to make sure your sail is set up correctly and as smooth as possible.

North cannot guarantee the life of a sail that has been mistreated or misused. North recommends that all sails come in for an annual service and inspection. North offers this inspection for free during the first year of sail ownership. North also expects its customers to cover their sails from the sun when not in use, to avoid flogging, and to use their leech lines to prevent flutter. Failure to do so will needlessly shorten the life of your sail, and damage related to misuse or mistreatment is not covered by our guarantee.

North Cruising Sails are defined as NPC CROSS-CUT, NPC RADIAN, NPL TOUR and 3Di ENDURANCE for non-racing, non-commercial applications on boats less than 100’. All guarantee related work must be performed at a North Sails certified sail care facility and transport to and from the facility from remote locations is not a covered cost.

dacron cruising sail quality