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Revolutionary cruising sails for boats over 60 feet

3Di OCEAN is the ultimate superyacht cruising sail, providing medium to large cruising yachts more choice within the North Sails product line. Everything North Sails has learned as the preeminent builder of superyacht sails for more than three decades has been combined with current state of the art 3Di technology to deliver high strength and a supremely reliable sail for cruising yachts over 60 feet. 3Di OCEAN sails are more durable and easier to handle than any string sail counterpart.

3Di OCEAN is a cosmetically beautiful sail where North design, material science, and 3Di longevity are engineered for the ultimate cruising experience. And in 2019, North Sails has continued to refine and optimize the benefits of UltraPE in 3Di sailmaking for the large boat cruising market. 3Di OCEAN is a true cruising product.

Per Andersson, 3D General Manager for North Sails, led the development of 3Di OCEAN: “The successful launch of the revolutionary 3Di Nordac in 2017 opened our eyes that there was a gap in our product line to serve the larger boat cruising market. This is the reason we created 3Di OCEAN, a sail that has the benefits of North 3Di yet with a design that is more forgiving and easier to set up and trim. Unlike racing yachts, cruisers are normally sailing short handed and want ease of handling. Unique in the 3Di line of sails, OCEAN sails carry a specially developed woven exterior tape which has eight times the chafe resistance of our standard non-woven Endurance surface, which also adds greater UV resistance. A 3Di OCEAN sail will carry through a wider range of sailing angles and generally make your sailing more enjoyable.”

A proven technology, North Sails has made 1,900 3Di sails for yachts over 70’ since 2013. Like with the introduction of 3Di NORDAC, 3Di OCEAN has been immediately welcomed by serious cruisers, with 200 sail sold in the first 12 months to boats ranging from 60′ up to 200.’ With perfectionist design and manufacturing built-in, 3Di sails are stronger, more resistant to stretch and more durable, delivering inherent value for money. The durability of 3Di OCEAN is underlined by the nature of all 3Di sails, which contain zero “mylar” film and are true composite structures, resisting strain and compressive forces in all directions. Being 3D molded, 3Di OCEAN sails are a more efficient use of material and manufacturing to meet the demands of global cruising yachts, including high resilience to UV, flex, and abrasion. And because there is no mylar, 3Di OCEAN sails will not delaminate.

Andersson explains, “Using our patented 3Di technology to craft precise sails for each client, we use high Dyneema content with 3D molded construction to achieve the perfect cruising sail, which is very different from our racing products.”

Adding even greater value, every North sail includes access to the unparalleled worldwide network of North Sails expertise and service. Wherever you cruise there is a North Sails loft and people ready to support your adventure and committed to world-class customer service, 24/7, 365 days a year at over 100 loft sites across five continents.

3Di OCEAN is available now. Click here to learn more.

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