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North Sails Announces Winning Inventory

elliott 5.9 sails

With the change to 3Di Raw 330 sails in the Elliott 5.9 class, we were eager to talk to the current New Zealand National Champion, Craig Satterthwaite about how his team achieved multiple victories using the new One Design sails.

After the E5.9 Association announced a new model of boat, Craig caught the bug and raced at various venues which is how his team R&R came to be six year ago. Along with teammate Bart, Craig is from Auckland and first sailed an Elliot 5.9 in the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron Youth Training Programme. The team made sure to have plenty of fun both off and on the water, which is another reason why the E5.9 Class is appealing to Craig.

Not only are B&B current National champions, they are impressive five-time National champions in a competitive fleet which ranges from 12-18 boats. Craig credits these multiple victories to having a strong crew. “Having a good crew is important. We have been together for a while so we’ve learned a lot from our mistakes and we know what works for us. We worked really hard on turning light air sailing into a strength which is not that easy when we always seem to be the heaviest crew!’’

Since using the new 3Di RAW sails for the past two Nationals, Craig has noticed key differences in the performance and handling of the sails, finding the decrease in material stretch leading to a change in sail stability: “When a puff hits, we accelerate rather than heel. 3Di sails are also easier to set the rig up for – it is very easy to change modes from the high slow to the lower fast mode and 3Di sails are easier than panelled sails to set up.’’

“When a puff hits, we accelerate rather than heel and it is easy to change modes from high slow to the lower fast mode.’’

Sailing with a full North inventory, Craig and the team used the new MNi-1 Mainsail which has been designed to make maximum sail area and to be easier to trim. B&B used the new-design 3Di RAW Light/All-Purpose/Heavy Jibs alongside the AP Spinnaker and flatter VMG Spinnaker designed for lighter airs. Craig explains how he felt the 3Di RAW sails responded to a mix of wind strengths: “With the stability and stiffness of the 3Di RAW sails, it is very easy to change gears as the wind increases. Rig tension becomes less important as the sails do not stretch. We are very happy with the sail quality – we sailed in big winds and saw no signs of material or shape damage.’’

Craig and the team onboard B&B are soon to challenge the fleet during the Omaha Regatta, with the New Zealand Nationals coming up at the end of the season.

new elliott 5.9 sails
Craig Satterthwaite (4247) sailing well upwind with the nicely trimmed new-design MNi-1 Mainsail

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