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November 11, 2019


Installation Guide

North Sails Velcro Stuff batten pockets are simple to use yet require proper installation in order to ensure maximum sail performance.

Step 1: Lay out the sail and identify the battens

Lay out the sail with the batten pockets facing up. Check the label on the batten to determine the order in which they go into each pocket; #1 is the bottom batten. Note the arrow showing which end should go toward the luff. If there is no arrow label, insert the tapered end first.

Step 2: Insert the batten into the pocket

With the Velcro tensioner lying flat, insert the batten into the pocket making sure that the arrow on the label is pointing in the correct direction (tapered end goes in first). The batten should be placed between the Velcro tensioning strap and the Velcro top piece (sewn inside the pocket). Insert the batten as far as it will go without forcing it. When properly inserted, the batten should stick out of the sail a little bit.

Note: On new sails, the batten pocket reinforcement at the inboard end my be creased, preventing the batten from being fully inserted. Should this occur, smooth out the reinforcement and re-insert the batten until it slides all the way in.

Step 3: Insert the tensioner

Insert the end of the batten loader (the small “batten” included with your sail) into the capped end of the tensioner, with the removal cord positioned off to the side of the Velcro. Insert the tensioner into the pocket end above the batten. Apply the desired amount of batten tension.

Note: When inserting the tensioner, make sure that the batten removal cord (attached to the tensioner) is not lying on top of the Velcro strip.

Step 4: Secure the pocket

When the batten has been loaded and the desired tension applied, remove the batten loader from the pocket and secure the pocket Velcro by rubbing firmly on the top of the pocket.

Important: When removing the batten, first slide the batten loader into the pocket to split the Velcro bond. Pull the removal cord and loader back simultaneously, allowing the Velcro tensioner to come out of the pocket with ease. Always try to align the removal cord over the middle of the pocket before you pull on it.

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