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Story Contributors: Brad White, Stan Schreyer


North Sails experts Brad White and Stan Schreyer discuss downwind multihull race tactics.

Story Contributors

Let’s Talk Multihull Sailing headshot
Brad White

Loft Manager, Sail Expert — Salem, Massachusetts

Brad White grew up sailing and racing in Mass Bay between the South Shore and North Shore, Cape Cod to Maine. He began racing at 8 years old and has been hooked ever since. He attended Boston University where he...

Let’s Talk Multihull Sailing headshot
Stan Schreyer

Sail Expert — Salem, Massachusetts

Multihull specialist Stan Schreyer recently joined North Sails as an independent sales expert. Based at the Salem loft, he’s excited to help the company build its presence in the greater Boston area. Growing up, Stan’s family lived on a boat...

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