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Story Contributors: Eric Doyle, Markus Koy


Rig Tuning with Eric Doyle & Markus Koy

Star Class champions Eric Doyle and Markus Koy present a in-detail presentation on Star Boat Rig Tuning. This great presentation is moderated by Maurice “Prof” O’Connell.
Topics include:

6:20 – How to set up your mast
34:20 – Mast position in the boat
1:01:01 – Tuning on the water

Learn about North Sails fast Star designs.

Story Contributors

Let’s Talk Stars | Rig Tuning headshot
Eric Doyle

One Design Expert — San Diego, California

Eric was raised in Pass Christian along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where he learned at a ripe young that he was hooked on sailing. After attending Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL, he was scooped up by Hall of Famer...

Let’s Talk Stars | Rig Tuning headshot
Markus Koy

One Design Expert — Hamburg, Germany

Markus joined North Sails in 2012 as a one design representative. With four Olympic campaigns, four Star European Championship victories, and many nationals titles, he is quite at home talking one design. A participant in the America’s Cup in Valencia,...

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