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Collaboration with North Sail Designers and Experts To Create The Perfect Inventory for Kinina

Swan 78 Kinina North Sails photo courtesy of Eva-Stina Kjellman 2018 / Nautor Swan
📸  Eva-Stina Kjellman / Nautor Swan

In 2018, Mr. Enrico Bonatti purchased Kinina, a Swan 78. Why a Swan 78? “I prefer the best quality,” he said. “And the 78 is the right size for me.” Mr. Bonatti then met with sail expert Matteo Reboli, based at North Sails in Carasco, Italy when he decided it was time for his new upwind inventory. From there, Matteo and Sail Designer Michele Melandra put together the best upwind sail combination for their client, with a new suite of custom 3Di ENDURANCE.

Mr. Bonatti was immediately impressed by the structural integrity of his 3Di ENDURANCE sails, especially in heavier air conditions. “My sails provided us more speed and greater versatility,” he commented. “3Di ENDURANCE is meant to be easier to control, as it is more rigid, and offers a reduced heeling moment while navigating, making it more comfortable for the skipper and guests onboard,” said Matteo.

Swan 78 Kinina North Sails photo courtesy of Eva-Stina Kjellman 2018 / Nautor Swan
📸  Eva-Stina Kjellman / Nautor Swan

This year, he wanted to add another option to his inventory for his cruising time around the Mediterranean, so he bought a Code Zero, made of cuben fiber which was built at North Sails in Milford, CT, USA. The order was placed mid-March and arrived in May to prepare for sail testing in Jakobstad, Finland. “Mr. Bonatti was exceptionally pleased with his new code sail during the sail testing last month,” said Matteo. “We had 15-18 knots of breeze for the testing. It went well.” Mr. Bonatti commented; “My new code sail has a ton of power, especially in lighter air. And it’s easy to deploy.” Reviewing the finished result, Mr. Bonatti was impressed with his overall experience working with North Sails. He commented; “My experience was the utmost professional. My sails were ordered, delivered on time– even during the restraints of COVID. North Sails made the effort to make sure I had what I needed.”

“Mr. Bonatti is the ultimate cruiser,” says Matteo. “He enjoys the leisure aspect. “Let me say, his new code sail coupled with his upwind suit is a perfect match. The flying shape, weight ratio, and sail handling– not to mention the lifespan; it was the right solution.”

Swan 78 Kinina North Sails photo courtesy of Eva-Stina Kjellman 2018 / Nautor Swan
📸 Eva-Stina Kjellman / Nautor Swan

“Planning the delivery of the Code Zero was the last step of the deal, but the most important step to take with the client to assure they are happy with their investment,” says Matteo. “Installing the sail is the part where you finalize everything,” he says. “The time spent sail designing, checking each finishing detail for quality, making sure all the fittings, mainsail cars, cables, and furlers are all correct, and working smoothly. It’s the beginning of the final step, but is our last chance to assure that things are 100% perfect.”

What did Mr. Bonatti think when he experienced his first sail with his new Code Zero? “It felt right. The boat showed great performance. It was picture perfect.”

swan 78 kinina code zero NPL downwind north sails

Matteo credits Michele Melandra for his key involvement in the perfection of the final result. “Michele did an exceptional job with this sail design, from start to finish, working with Southern Spars rigging to create the best solution for our client. There is a reason that this project was successful. When it came time to fit the sails and test them out, we saw that everything was the perfect fit.”

“Working closely with the boatyard, boat captain, North Sails designers, and our clients,” Matteo added, “we’ve been given such great opportunities to work at the highest levels in the cruising sail market.”

Kinina is equipped with a staysail, which can also be hoisted using the anti-torsion cable on the furler or using soft hanks. This comes in handy when the weather turns rough, as the storm jib comes into play and can also be used with either method. The trysail runs on a track making it easy to drop on deck, just to add to efficiency.

swan 78 kinina trysail north sails 3di endurance

Kinina is also equipped with the Ubi Maior Jiber System, which combines performance with ease of furling. By allowing the option for different sails to be hoisted using hanks or the anti-torsion cable, not to mention a faster hoist than a traditional furler would provide and a low profile drum, the overall upwind performance is automatically improved.

Matteo suggested a top-down furler because Mr. Bonatti planned to leave his sail up for easy use, and enjoys how simple it can be unfurled for sailing higher angles while cruising. Having efficient sail systems onboard is key on a yacht like the Swan 78. “Every aspect of this sail plan and boat design was made for luxury cruising. Nautor Swan builds beautiful boats, and North sail designers and experts have come together to create a great combination,” said Matteo.

ubi meior jiber system, anti torsion cable code sail top down furling, North Sails , Matteo Reboli
New Ubi Meior Jiber System [on right] installed for top down furling code zero. Image left pre-installation 📸  Eva-Stina Kjellman / Nautor Swan

“This entire project was a reflection on our positive relationship with the shipyard where Kinina was being stored and was beneficial for us moving forward with additional projects with other Swan 78 clients.” Matteo expresses his thanks to the boatyard for working with North Sails to help make the client experience the best it could be. “Teamwork was important; between the boatyard, the captain, Southern Spars, and our North Sails experts and designers. Our client is happy, and that is our number one goal.”

Swan 78 Kinina North Sails photo courtesy of Eva-Stina Kjellman 2018 / Nautor Swan
📸  Eva-Stina Kjellman / Nautor Swan


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