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Introducing Loïck Peyron as the North Sails Narrator of a Six-Part Video Series in the Lead Up to the 2020 Race Start

The Vendée Globe was born in November 1989. It began as a daring challenge launched by a group of 13 sailors, including French navigator Loïck Peyron. For the skippers who participate, the lure of this race outweighs the risk of sailing non-stop, solo, and without assistance around the world. And for fans, we all gather every four years to be captivated by the next generation of IMOCAs, see who will reach the finish line and if we’re lucky, witness the setting of a new speed record.

Peyron joins North Sails to lend his voice as our narrator in a six-part video series. He offers his perspective on this legendary race by telling the story of the exceptional skippers who dare take on the challenge, the passion that drives them, and the quest for open-ocean adventure. Beyond, the modern Vendee features the emergence of women and international sailors, the ever-evolving technology of the IMOCA, not to mention the growing enthusiasm amongst spectators and all those who are passionate about this unrivaled competition. 

Vendée Globe Special – Episode 1 – Thus was Born the Vendée Globe

With his impressive list of accomplishments, and collection of offshore miles, Loïck Peyron is regarded as one of the greatest French sailors. He took part in the first edition of the Vendée Globe, where he finished second. In this first episode, he recounts the history of the Vendée Globe through his eyes, from its origins to the present day, a race that has left an indelible mark in people’s minds.

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