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Cheers to the New Year and a Fresh Perspective

📸 The Ocean Race

We’re starting the new year cautiously optimistic for what lies ahead. A global pandemic is an event none of us expected or had prepared for, but there were bright spots that we hope to carry forward into 2021.

First of all, this is an exciting time in sailing. We have a trifecta of adrenaline-pumping events – the Vendee Globe, the 36th America’s Cup, and the Ultims back on weather-watch for their Jules Verne attempt. We rarely get to play witness to some of the most exciting sailing all at once, and watching the skippers and crews handle these high-powered boats is for sure a welcome treat to close out 2020.

While it’s disappointing to see many of our sailing events canceled, the effort to get on the water gave way to new opportunities. We saw a surge in interest in doublehanded racing and local sailing with friends and family. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the travel, the big-crew programs, and winning a regatta on the world stage. In a sense, 2020 brought us all back to grassroots sailing, and you know what, it was fantastic. It was simple, fun, and personally, it reminded me why I love our sport.

And finally, thank you to the North Sails team worldwide, both employees and our clients. This past year was an exercise in patience, hard work, and teamwork. We move into 2021, looking forward to the new year. See you on the water.