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Foiling! Our Newest Series Answers the Complex Questions Around the 36th America’s Cup

Welcome to “What is…” a series where we aim to answer complex questions around the 36th edition of the America’s Cup. In Episode 1 we answer the question on everyone’s mind—what is foiling and how does it work?

We caught up with North Sails sail designer, Burns Fallow, to get the full rundown on how foiling works and learn how the sails work together with the [hyrdo]foils. He explained, “We have to try and set up our sails pretty much as you would in normal sailing because you have to drag a hull through the water. Once we generate enough speed with the sails, and the amount of lift is equal or exceeds the weight of the boat, it will pop out of the water. This all happens in a matter of seconds.” It’s exactly like a Formula 1 car going from idling to flat-out racing. Could you imagine doing that?

Unlike past America’s Cups, in this edition of the race, sailors, designers, and sailmakers are all working together to design the perfect boat. It’s teamwork unlike anything we’ve seen in the past, and in our opinion, that’s pretty darn cool.

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