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We’re in the Business of Pushing: Boundaries, Speed, Science and Technology

For some reason all of the top boats at the 2021 Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup carry North Sails; which makes us wonder… should we believe in coincidence? Now some might say yes, but we beg to disagree.

At North Sails, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible– which means we are constantly rethinking what is possible with our technology. North Sails sail designer Magnus Doole explains it this way: “the way we think about design and what we’re trying to achieve, it’s like we throw a ball out of the court as far as we can, then catching it, then throwing it even further. Our biggest challenge is how far we can throw it.”

We’ve just wrapped a week of sailing at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup in one of the world’s most phenomenal locations: Porto Cervo, Italy. The week featured all that the best has to offer: high technology, technical coastal racing, luxury, and an undeniable passion for the sport of sailing. There are few events on the calendar that put J-class classics in the same racing waters as the speed machines of the modern era. However, whether the boat is 83 years old or 8 years old, the most  competitive teams and owners consistently chose North Sails. After all, we believe the winning results, customer satisfaction and teamwork speak for themselves.

2021 Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup
📸 Atila Madrona / North Sails
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