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Story Contributors: Jeremy Smart, Ridgely Mackenzie, Bob Meagher


North Cruising Experts Join the World Cruising Club for a Live Webinar

North Sails cruising experts Jeremy Smart, Bob Meagher, and Ridgely MacKenzie join World Cruising Club’s Andrew Bishop to discuss sail selection for offshore bluewater sailing and ARC Preparations. This webinar is a particularly beneficial watch if 2022 is your year for the ARC.

For those who missed the live stream, catch up on the topics covered, including why sail design matters, the North upwind and downwind cruising products range, and critical features of an offshore cruising sail. Service expert Ridgely MacKenzie also explains how to make the most of our global network of service lofts.


Story Contributors

ARC Preparations & Cruising Sail Selection for Offshore headshot
Jeremy Smart

Sail Expert — Gosport, United Kingdom Manufacturing – Gosport, UK

Jeremy has been part of the team since 2001. He enjoys the opportunities provided by North Sails: meeting new people, having the opportunity to sail and win races on a variety of boats in “some of the nicest places in...

ARC Preparations & Cruising Sail Selection for Offshore headshot
Ridgely Mackenzie

Service Expert, Service Manager — Annapolis, Maryland

Ridgely, born in Annapolis, MD, has been sailing since he was 7 years old. As a 3rd generation sailmaker, Ridgely developed a passion for the industry at a young age. He has been sailmaking since 2013. Ridgely enjoys being on...

ARC Preparations & Cruising Sail Selection for Offshore headshot
Bob Meagher

Loft Manager, Sail Expert — Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Bob Meagher has built a career helping people enjoy their boats. Over two decades of sail consulting have led him to become one of America’s most experienced sail experts, especially in the growing market of cruising multihulls. He has led...

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