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Story Contributors: Tom Sitzmann, Riccardo de Felice, Kei Takakuwa


Speed and Versatility on the Racecourse

North Sails Optimist V-Series Sails

After nearly two years of development, testing, re-designing and more testing, North Sails is proud to launch the all-new V-Series Optimist sail. We have streamlined our range to three sail options, all following the design philosophy of the V-Series:

Optimist V-1 Mainsail, below 34kg (75 lbs.)

Optimist V-2 Mainsail, between 34-42kg (75-93 lbs.)

Optimist V-3 Mainsail, above 42kg (93 lbs)

The V-series features a very unique radial design along with one crosscut panel, which allows both excellent shape-holding durability, and unparalleled tuning potential through the wind ranges. This sail design also reflects a long, in-depth study of all of the new equipment available in the Optimist class (sprits, spars, etc), and also how sailors now sail the boat (much more athletically than ever before).

“This is the perfect Optimist sail for racers looking to get the absolute most speed and versatility on the racecourse.” — North Sails Optimist expert Tom Sitzmann.

This radial sail delivers unparalleled acceleration and speed throughout a wide range of conditions. A radial sail is more rigid than a conventional crosscut sail. The sail holds its shape and responds more sensitively to trimming and tuning changes.



North Sails Optimist V-Series Sails

Story Contributors

Optimist V-Series: First Look headshot
Tom Sitzmann

One Design Expert —

A lifelong sailor, Tom Sitzmann brings a broad range of sailing experience to North Sails. Along with extensive one design racing experience and success, Tom brings a professional background that includes sail loft ownership/management, and significant sail coaching experience. Also...

Optimist V-Series: First Look headshot
Riccardo de Felice

Carasco, Italy

Riccardo de Felice (ITA) has joined the North Sails One Design Class Expert team. With sailing roots and a background in coaching one design sailors at an international level, Riccardo’s interests lie in enhancing boat performance and helping athletes to be...

Optimist V-Series: First Look headshot
Kei Takakuwa

One Design Expert — Yokohama, Japan

Kei has been a member of the North Sails team since 1996, working in sales and in sail design development at the loft in Yokohama, Japan. In addition to giving him the opportunity to work with top sailors and coaches, he finds...

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