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Story Contributors: Paul Westlake, Marco Capitani, Juan Meseguer




With the end of the 2021 52 Super Series season circuit behind us, North Sails experts and designers are now gathering feedback from the teams and learning from their experiences to help refine designs and structures that will be incorporated into future seasonal development cycles.

In a game of gains by millimeters rather than boat lengths, we at North are ultimately judged on the performance of our product, and in the Super Series, performance equals results. In the latest North Sails release, Grand Prix Sales Leader Paul Westlake and Sail Designers Marco Capitani and Juan Messeguer describe how North Sails has the tools, the team, and the sail technology to deliver race-winning results.

Story Contributors

Faster By Design | Reflecting on the 2021 TP52 Season headshot
Paul Westlake

Sail Expert — Sydney, Australia

After 14 years of experience with sailcloth manufacturer Bainbridge International, Paul “Flipper” Westlake joined North Sails in 2001, subsequently becoming President of North Sails Cloth. A deciding factor in making the move was North’s dedication to technology and willingness to...

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Marco Capitani

Carasco, Italy

Carasco, Italy

Faster By Design | Reflecting on the 2021 TP52 Season headshot
Juan Meseguer

Loft Manager — Valencia, Spain

Juan Meseguer has been a sail designer since 2000 and was part of the 2010 winning America's Cup team. With a degree in Yacht and Small Craft Design and a lifetime of sailing victories, he is an important part of...

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