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In Episode 1, we talk design, simulation, and the bespoke North Design Suite

North is a unique sailmaker, built on a champion spirit. We make history by looking ahead and that’s what sets us apart from other sailmakers.

We’re proud to introduce Loft 57, a conversational podcast that opens the doors to the world’s leading sailmaker. With host and North Sails President Ken Read, this series goes behind the scenes with product creators and the passionate sailors who trust us to power their adventures.

We’ve been on this journey since 1957 and continue to make history by looking ahead.

Advanced mathematical modeling complements the North Sails innovative spirit. In Episode 1, we talk design, simulation, and the bespoke North Design Suite with three generations of sail engineers. Michael Richelson, Marco Capitani, and Brodt Taylor all bring their unique skills to the table and help create cutting-edge products that give North Sails its signature competitive edge.

You can subscribe to the Loft 57 podcast via Spotify or connect with the North Sails community on Facebook and Instagram. Loft 57 is a North Sails production.

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Story Contributors

Loft 57; Episode 1: Tools of the Trade headshot
Ken Read

President — Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Ken Read is one of the world’s most accomplished and celebrated sailors. He holds 51 World, North American, and National Championships; he is a two-time America’s Cup skipper; raced two Volvo Ocean Race campaigns as skipper and, he holds eight...

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