North Sails NEWS

April 4, 2022

19mm & 25mm BATTEN BOX

Installation Guide

North Sails full-batten mainsails come with North Sails adjustable batten boxes installed on the luff end of the pockets. Our batten boxes eliminate batten loss through “shake out,” allow easy compression adjustments, and create a closed, low-profile leech end. They are easy to use and require just five simple steps to install.

Step 1:

Using the supplied 3mm Allen Key, remove the retaining screw in the luff end of the batten box door by turning it CLOCKWISE.

Step 2:

Rotate the batten door down to get it out of the way.

Step 3:

Insert the batten into the pocket, making sure the batten is oriented correctly.

Step 4:

Close the batten door and tighten the retaining screw by turning it COUNTER CLOCKWISE.

Step 5:

Apply the desired amount of batten compression using the supplied 10mm driver to adjust the screw on the aft end of the batten box.

Note: After sailing, the battens need may need additional compressing. If there are vertical creases along the batten pocket, increase batten compression until the wrinkles disappear.

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