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Featuring North Sails Moth Expert Rob Greenhalgh

Follow Rob Greenhalgh, a National and European title holder in the International Moth Class and the North Sails Moth Class Leader as he demonstrates rigging the 3Di Helix Moth Sail. Released in 2022, this 3Di molded sail features a fully integrated Deck Sweeper and luff tube along with Split Batten Technology developed by North Sails for a smooth sail shape. Greenhalgh was instrumental in the two years of development that went into creating this fully molded seamless sail. So between his intimate knowledge of the performance potential of this sail and its relation to the boat, Rob is the perfect person to walk through rigging your sail for optimal results.

Have questions about Moth sails or how to rig for speed? Contact Rob for more information.

Story Contributors

Rigging the 3Di Helix Moth Sail headshot
Rob Greenhalgh

One Design Expert, Sail Expert — Sydney, Australia

Rob Greenhalgh joined North Sails in 2018 and is the International Moth Class Leader. A UK native, Rob learned to sail at age seven from his parents while the family was living in Sri Lanka. After the family moved back to...

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