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Classic yachts are a window to the past. Classic yacht sails add to the traditional look and beauty of a bygone era, which appeals to any sailor. Classic yacht owners and crew are caretakers of each yacht’s unique history, and coupled with their respect for tradition is a competitive spirit that is seen in classic yacht racing around the world. Discriminating owners vie for honors in both performance and elegance. North Sails celebrates these classic yachts with a dedicated range of products and a team of experts. Our Classic experts combine elegance and innovation with their modern approach to traditional sails.

Because Classic sails are limited by their use of materials, improvement comes through better sail shape and construction. Intricate rigs and rigging make Classic sails more complex to build. In order to better understand how a sail will fit the rig geometry, our specialized Classic sail designers use the North Design Suite to create 3D models of an entire yacht, producing improved performance while respecting the Classic aesthetic. Each Classic yacht has its own story. By combining modern design innovation with historical research, we are able to reproduce the unique look of each yacht.


Generally speaking, the term Classic applies to wooden or metal yachts built before 1975. To be considered classic, a yacht must be faithful to the original materials, design and built procedures, both for hull, appendages, rigging and sails.

North Sails offers decades of experience in finding the best solutions for Classic yachts through the use of the best materials by the best professionals. Dedicated North Sails lofts are specialised in designing and manufacturing tailor-made sails for Classic yachts, while the international North Sails network guarantees the best service worldwide.

Spirit of Tradition

The term Spirit of Tradition (SOT) is related to yachts built after 1975 showing a classic look, but built employing advancements in technology and design, combining modern materials with a classic aesthetic.

The North Sails offers the best sail technology to comply with the SOT rules. This includes North Sails’ proprietary 3Di™ composite sails, which cannot be used on classic yachts but represent the best solution for the SOT philosophy. North Sails’ designers and sailmakers and designers know what to do to combine the best features of both worlds: the beauty and elegance of the classic with the performance and endurance of the modern.

Tall Ships

A Tall Ship is a large traditionally rigged sailing vessel such as a schooner, brigantine, barquentine, ketch, sloop, full-rigged ship or barque.Tall Ships are mainly used as training ships by National Navies and sailing training associations.

For over 40 years now, North Sails has been designing and manufacturing sails for Tall Ships that sailed around the world, with the consequent demanding conditions. This experience allows North Sails to be the main and largest sails provider for Tall Ships through our specialised lofts, where the best professionals use the best materials to guarantee the most satisfying sailing experience.


The term Traditional is related to a wide miscellaneous group of boats from many different countries and cultures.

From Arabian Dohw –which use Mylar laminates or Cuben in radial layouts– to Flatbottum Dutch boats,American Skipjacks, Chinese Junks or Latin Sails of Canary boats, North Sails covers all needs in sail design and manufacturing for all kinds of rig configurations and materials, from Dacron to Cuben, with dedicated experts in every class of boat. This, combined with our international network of lofts and collaborators, allows North Sails to offer global profes- sional service for Traditional boats worldwide.

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Chinook has been with North classic sails for a number of years now and has won the coveted Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge in 2014 and 2016. I can only say that we are very happy with both the design and craftsmanship of all our sails and are impressed by the dedicated after sales team. If you are lost and don’t know which direction to take, go North.

Jonathan Greenwood

Captain | Chinook

Dorade has been sailed all over the world powered by North Sails. I’ve sailed Dorade in the world’s toughest ocean races like the Sydney Hobart, Newport to Bermuda, trans Atlantic and Transpac races, as well classic regattas in both the US and Europe. I’ve trusted North Sails for both durability and performance and they’ve never let me down.

Matt Brooks

Owner | Dorade

In a significant refit, Xarifa appointed North Sails as an advisor, designer and manufacturer. Almost five years later and with more than 30,000 nautical miles, we are proud of the choice we made. The North Sails team and its sails have been the perfect partner in both the regattas and the cruises we have sailed, in all sea and wind conditions. There will never be any doubt that we will choose North in the future!

Diego Masso

Captain | Three Mast Schooner - Xarifa

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